Words of the President


Let’s first go back over the personal achievements of our late father el hadj oumarou kanazoe throughout these last years. The group have already obtained beneficial and concret performances and are ready to get into a new phase of growth.

Therefore,I really want to pay a special homage to him which deserves such a standard of performances and to the whole staff of the group. We are aware of the high responsibility given to us, which requires a commitment and persistent efforts coming from all the workers, at all levels of the company.

However big building sites have been started by our late father. Also we will have to carry on with these building sites and open others through sectors companies within our group, evolving in the domain of building in general, transport, commerce and service performances. Among these operational challenges, our priority is focussed on growing in a diversified, profitable and organic way. We pursue this policy for our group can only ensure their perenity and competitivity through a disciplined and ambitious investments policy. For this reason, we are developing our services in a rhythm sustained by the extension of our activities internationally.

Our very diversified activities are led so as to constitute a solid foundation for the growth of our group. The technological innovation issue is   nowadays essential to us for it enables us to surpass our competitors and to ensure a quality service to our customers.

Security remains an essential component of the performance of our group which have already made great efforts and major investments to improve the security of the heritage and the one of workers for the prevention of health and the protection of the environment. Our actions are based on national and international expertises for which we use maximum endeavors when it comes to information sensitization, training and communication.

Kanazoé Group evolves in a dynamics of growth and development, creator of values for their costumers, collaborators and partners. The basis of our success remains clearly the direction of our efforts at a same aspiration

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